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Gaëtan Dugas French: [ɡaetɑ dyɡa]; February 20, 1953 – March 30, 1984, a Canadian flight attendant, was a relatively early HIV patient who once was widely regarded as "Patient Zero" or the primary case for AIDS in the United States." or the primary case for AIDS in the United States. 2017/01/03 · The writers were also really obsessed with trying to connect Freddie with Gaetan Dugas the much-maligned "Patient Zero" of AIDS. I also got the feeling that the book had been rushed so that it could be published in time for the anniversary of Freddie's death. Gaëtan Dugas French: [ɡaetɑ dyɡa]; February 19, 1952 – March 30, 1984 was a Québécois Canadian flight attendant and a relatively early HIV patient who once was widely regarded as "Patient Zero" or the primary case for AIDS in the United States. 2016/10/28 · GAETAN Dugas is the French Canadian flight attendant that many in the US know as “Patient Zero” — the first man to have and spread HIV in America —.

2016/10/29 · A new HIV study clears the name of Gaëtan Dugas, called patient zero, and provides new insight into how the virus spread to the United States. Home page of Freddie Duran, a songwriter artist from Maricopa. Freddie Duran is a singer/songwriter from Arizona. 2020/06/04 · So if Robert Rayford had it in the mid-1960s, he must have gotten it from someone else. That would therefore clear Gaetan Dugas of being Patient Zero. by Anonymous reply 13 06/04/2020 Well he definitely spread it heavily by by.

Shilts labeled Dugas “Patient Zero,” the patient from whom all other AIDS cases sprang. That label is probably not accurate, but it is fair to say that Dugas, Murphy, and their sex partners, a circle that included Freddie Mercury. 2020/01/04 · Gaetan Dugas at an AIDS meeting in Vancouver Offsite Link by Typical Homo reply 12 01/31/2016 Ah, okay r10, I wouldn't want to vilify him if he doesn't deserve to be vilified. As with Typhoid Mary, however, I do wish he'd just by. Hello! My pen name is A.O. Monk. I like to write high-concept thrillers and suspense novels. “High-concept” means the book’s premise can be summed up in a few sentences or less. Think “Jaws with paws.” I’m not actually working. Gaetan Dugas a flight attendant who gained infamy as "Patient zero" or the first person in the USA to be diagnosed with HIV has been cleared by a new scientific method which has proved that the virus was in fact present in the.

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